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That machine that helps clear out your dirty dishes and makes life simple for you suddenly breaks down and you have to resort to manually doing the dishes. Now, this would not be an issue if there weren’t so many dishes to wash and a limited time to get them washed. Especially in scenarios after a party or when you run a restaurant in which you need a working dishwasher to make the whole process easier and faster, but your dishwasher is broken and you need to repair it as fast as possible especially when you have very little time to spare and you are on a budget. You probably would not be in this mess if you had heeded to the warning signs that the dishwasher had been giving.

Luckily for you, a customer friendly dishwasher repair service is here for you, right in the city of Columbia. Our team of experienced and trained technicians help to conduct a thorough examination of your dishwasher to properly investigate and find the cause of the malfunction in your dishwasher. A complete breakdown of the cause of the malfunction and the repair process is explained to our customers. Hence, we carry our customers along on the dishwasher repair journey so they are kept in the loop. Next, a breakdown of the repair process and the time frame to complete the dishwasher repair project is given to the customers. Our technicians work fast to deliver quality results in record time and give progress report to our customers at each step of the way.

It does not hurt to know that regularly conducting maintenance checks on you dishwasher helps to prevent impromptu breakdown. Hence, we could help you conduct maintenance checks on your dishwasher to evaluate the quality of its working condition.

There are different things that can cause your dishwasher to malfunction. Some are caused by consistent use of the dishwasher, parts of the dishwasher getting worn out with age or use, blockage in hoses, pipes and drains.

When should you call us?

Common symptoms of dishwasher malfunctions and a few of their causes are listed below and our team is ever ready to help out with these issues.

We can solve all problems related to the care of your dishwasher. Our technicians are provided with the necessary tools to make sure the job is done quickly.

  • Leaking dishwashers
  • Water shooting from air gap
  • Dishwasher not draining
  • Soap dish not staying closed
  • Stuck dishwasher impeller

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