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Having your oven break down right when you are preparing for a dinner can be very frustrating. It leaves you in despair as you have to immediately find a short term solution to have your meals cooked as well as a long term solution of either repairing your oven or getting a new one. Luckily our team of well trained and experienced technicians are right here in Columbia to help diagnose the cause of the fault in your oven and proffer a long lasting solution.

Oven repair is one of the many services that we offer. Our team of experienced technicians perform a thorough examination of your oven to investigate the fault in your oven and then proffer a long lasting solution. All replacement of parts are according to specification and only the best parts are chosen to replace worn out or damaged parts.

Our team explains to you the repair process requirements and the time frame for the repair of your oven and will work well within the time frame to deliver quality service.

Meanwhile, it does not hurt to know that regularly scheduling checks for all appliances in the home helps prevent impromptu break down of appliances. So we could help check your oven to make sure the quality of it is in great working condition.

When should you call us?

Common symptoms of oven malfunctions and a few of their causes are listed below and our team is ever ready to help out with these issues.

We can solve all problems related to the care of your oven or stove. Our technicians are provided with the necessary tools to make sure the job is done fast.

  • Oven not heating up
  • Oven burns food
  • Hot control knobs
  • Oven door not properly fitted
  • Extremely hot surroundings around the oven

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