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Refrigerator Repair
Fridge Repair

Every once in a while, electrical appliances tend to have a glitch and the need for a repair comes up. Refrigerator repairs are by far one of the most popular. A lot of people attribute this to the fact that most of the time it runs all through the day. Refrigerators can have numerous faults as a result of different issues like wiring or technical issues from loose bolts and nuts. Whatever the case may be, an electrical repair service is needed.

It is always advisable and more efficient to contact a refrigerator repair service to check out what the problem might be. We offer the best services amongst several refrigerator repair services in Columbia. We are a team of very professional and efficient personnel dedicated to utilizing the best techniques needed to execute satisfactory jobs. Our methods are not the conventional tricks used by every technician that can offer refrigerator repair in Columbia.

Diagnostic Repair

We offer diagnostic repairs for your refrigerators. Our technicians would typically go over to your home and carry out a proper assessment of your refrigerator. After proper assessment with essential equipment, a conclusion is made and an adequate solution is given. Our technicians will also go further to explain in details what the problem might be and also, how relevant the solutions are. Specialized And Certified Technicians

Our technicians are one of the best in the business and will be the best option if you're looking to call a refrigerator repair in Columbia. They imbibe professionalism and efficiency when carrying out their duties. You should always expect “white glove” services when you call on us.

Awesome Customer Service

Even though we have a customer service department filled with intelligent and well-trained staff, we are all trained to answer your questions. Our customer care can answer all inquires and concerns that is related to the services you need rendered to you. We welcome every inquiries because it helps us communicate better with you, and also in delivering a well executed job.

We would love to work with you and help you maximize the use of your refrigerator. Contact us today.

Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

Checking Door Seals

Door seals are a vital part of your refrigerator, without which the door will not close properly. A faulty door seal will allow cool air escape from the fridge. We check for food residue, carry out thorough cleaning, and perform the dollar-bill test on it.

Cleaning Of Condenser Coils

The condenser cools are locates behind the refrigerator and are most times covered with dirt. Too much dust particles can cause the refrigerator not to run efficiently. We take care of that by carrying out a cleanup process for it.

Adjustment Of Proper Temperature and Thermal Mass

A fridge will typically run efficiently if the temperature is set to 37-40 Fahrenheit for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer. If it's not cooling properly then it's time to replace the coolant.

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